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ICO ends 15 Mar 2018





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Other crypto currencies and tokens are to be converted in online account with ShapeShift System

Bonus scale

Buyers get the cashback from each next sold out tokens. The more tokens will be sold out after you, the more cashback you get. Bonuses are paid at the end of the ICO.

Cashback volume depending on investment time
ICO ends in

It is difficult to choose where to invest in

... there is no clear mechanism for projects assessment and it can be difficult to guess which team deserves to be trusted
Vitalik Buterin
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How to choose the Investment object

It is difficult for a private investor to assess the risks, as there are many types of digital assets and each requires careful analysis:

  • Scam or unrealizable projects

    It is difficult to find out the scammers or pipe dreams in the restriction of information and the lack of proper competencies in the subject area. In most cases, the team only has some code to show how the project will look. But there is no guarantee that these projects will be completed.

  •  It is difficult to assess the potential growth

    Not having the proper competencies in the subject area, and also being limited in information to the team and its team, it is difficult to draw conclusions about the strength of growth and project potential.

  • Limited funds

    Investment budget limit carries great risks, there is no way to properly diversify the assets and achieve the necessary efficiency. Investing in the pre-ICO stage requires large investments


Investment strategy

High-yield investments in futures, arbitrage operations, repo, start-ups in crypto-currencies and precious metals



We have time and knowledge in the analysis of the market situation and procedures for selecting promising crypto assets


Diversification of investments and cost reduction

A large investment budget expands the scope of diversified investments and reduces operating costs


Exclusive Features

Opportunity to participate in pre-ICO, ICO, private subscriptions of financial & technical companies, in the state programs (Sandbox Approach) on favorable terms

Benefits of partnership

Crassula Capital has more opportunities than a private investor, minimizes risks and transaction costs and builds an effective strategy for speculative trading and long-term investment.

The strategy of Crassula Capital is pragmatic and includes two investment plans: Base and Conservative.
You can get acquainted with the investment strategy on the basis of which the investment partnership will work.

Investment crypto funds are more than 1000% per annum. Some of them exceeded over 3000% in 2016

Partnership will be useful for you

Investing together is advantageous


My First ICO

Only decided to invest
in crypto and don’t know
how to start


Technical Specialist

You are smart in
technical issues of crypto world


Long-term investor

Count on capital gains
and dividends



Ready to profit
from smart ICO


Owner of paper assets

Uninsured deposits and
bonds are of risk of confiscation.
Cash - at risk of withdrawal
and prohibition of circulation

Partnership guarantees equal rights and security

Blockchain technology provides the opportunity to create a decentralized entity with lasting control and security


Equal rights

All participants enter the Partnership on a general basis and have the opportunity to take part in investment decisions



The partners can find all data about the operations of Crassula Capital. Access to reading to account exchanges, transaction logs is provided by personal online account.


24/7 Support

24-hour support is ready to answer all your questions



The website publishes quarterly reports on the value of net assets and the structure of the investment portfolio


To invest in the project - you need to have one of the crypto-currencies: all investment activities are made only within the personal online account